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[15 Mar 2010|10:19pm]
Lately I've been feeling happy and more importantly happy with myself.  It's something that I'm grateful for.

This could be the start of something big. [04 Mar 2010|02:01am]
I'm starting to think that I'm slowing down a little and feeling more settled.  If that's not the actual case, then fine, but if it is I think it's going to be really awesome.

I feel so much better off.

[23 Feb 2010|10:47pm]
So I finally started using my Cinemark gift card that I got for Christmas today and went to see Shutter Island.  While it's not the most original story/twist, it was done really well.  Normally I kind of shit on Leonardo DiCaprio and his accents, but he did a pretty damn good job.  Both he and Ben Kingsley toed the line of heroism and villainy in different, but interesting ways.  And I know I've said it before, but I can't hate a movie that has Jack Earle Haley in it.  He's really awesome.

After the film, I decided that I was bored and would sneak into another movie that was going to start so after passing theaters that seemed to be playing nothing but Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Dear John (both of which I had no interest in seeing) I found that there was one theater that was showing Crazy Heart.  From what I saw, Jeff Bridges does an interesting job and I couldn't help but wonder if it was going to turn out to be "The Wrestler" with a country musician.  I guess I'll have to find out another time because about a half hour into it, the movie shuts off and the house lights go up.  I was the only person in the theater and I didn't know if it was an energy saving thing or if they knew someone was watching the film that didn't pay admission, but I didn't want to find out so I slipped out the side exit and headed home.

Tomorrow is Tragic Karaoke again.  Yay!


[21 Feb 2010|11:34am]
Don't you hate it when you send out a few texts and get no response on any of them?  It makes me feel like my phone is broken or something.

Slept through most of yesterday, but I needed it.  I'm feeling awake, refreshed and active today and kind of want to go out shopping.  Everything else is mundane, but that's okay right now.

I'm also thinking of getting a tumblr page. 

[18 Feb 2010|04:16am]
The first time doing karaoke went especially well.  While I did have a good amount to drink I seemed to be a hit.  I performed:

"Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyonce (Eric was my Beyonce)
"Tik Tok" by Kesha
and "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga

I had one boy come up and tell me that he was going to do Tik Tok but changed it to Hot and Cold because of my performance.  Paparazzi was a song I did with a boy who asked me to do a song with him specifically.  He wanted to do Bad Romance, but it wasn't in the catalog.  I guess I would call the night a success because of that.

For now it's too late.  I hope I make it to work in one piece.  Phew.

[17 Feb 2010|01:33am]
Today was full of interesting happenings.  I'm very happy though because I got my copy of Black Dynamite on DVD and now also own a pair of banana peel slippers, both pretty awesome purchases.  I also managed to find a used copy of Trekkies today, which makes me pleased.  The DVD collection is slowly being rebuilt after everything was split up.

For now, it's bedtime with a movie.  Things have been up at the moment, I'm hoping they stay that way.  I do need to remember to do some work on the comic.

[15 Feb 2010|04:12am]
Though I'm normally against editing and deleting entries, I was a little torn up last night, so we're going to pretend that didn't happen.

Thank you for your time.


[14 Feb 2010|02:05pm]
Last night turned out pretty well.  Much better than I was feeling in the afternoon at the very least.  Bought a new hoodie and t-shirt yesterday for less than $20 together.  The hoodie is a cute blue reversible one with the Autobots on it.  The shirt is silver age X-Men.  I really have a nerdy wardrobe.  I also realized yesterday when I changed after coming home that I was wearing Aquaman colors: my bra was coral, my underwear seafoam green.  Yes, I do realize that I'm kind of lame.

Today isn't going so bad.  Penny is curled up beside me purring, which is nice.  I'm going out to Buybacks in a little bit and grabbing lunch at Jimmy John's.  I should also go in half on a box of chocolate covered strawberries, my favorite sweet on the entire planet.  

[13 Feb 2010|04:06pm]
I am not really surprised you don't keep your promises, just hurt.

I hate Valentine's Day.  This would be slightly easier if it were just another weekend.

I haven't done any work on anything.  In fact, I haven't done much of anything besides get over being sick, drink and watch movies in bed with my cat.  I want to find the motivation to do something with myself, but I just can't.  At the very least, I've been successfully saving money.  I will make the move to New York if it kills me.  It at least gives me something to live for.

[19 Jan 2010|03:29pm]
Sometimes I wish I would've been brave enough to have gone through with it.  I would never have had to deal with all of this.

[01 Jan 2010|01:52am]

1.  Keep on writing in this blog.
2.  Accomplish what I want.
3.  Make it all better.

Let's see what I can do in a new year and a new decade.

[11 Oct 2009|11:27pm]
I'm really getting bad about updating this.  Things are nice, but expensive this fall (stupid ticket, tire, etc).  Working on a Halloween costume, more paintings and getting out to see a bunch of movies.  Where the Wild Things Are opens Friday and I'm pumped.

I've been playing a lot of Death Cab for Cutie as of late, I don't know if there's any significance there.

Luna has cancer of some kind in her mouth, she went to the vet and got an abscess and some teeth removed.  She's home and on soft food forever.  There should be biopsy reports coming back from the vet this week, keeping my fingers crossed that it's not serious and she'll be okay. 

[10 Sep 2009|09:13pm]
I went out and bought supplies today because I wanted to try the piece I had been contemplating on a small scale.  It came to a head when I found square 2x2 canvases on sale.  Currently, I'm in the process of trying everything out.  Since it's a smaller scale, I changed the idea of painting from a grid when I found it wouldn't be practical to use an image on my laptop as a reference when I have paint smeared hands.  

Since it's only a little acrylic painting and so small, I'm going to probably pull this off in one night.  The Joker is my subject, which has also changed my piece from being monochromatic to having touches of color.  The thing I'm pondering now is whether I should just use red, or should I throw green in for the hair. 

Because this is an all night project, I figure I'd hop on and write as I progress.  Currently I've finished sketching and painted the background and an outline of the features.  It should be dried soon so I can add the next layers of shade.

Looking at the painting, I think I should color the hair.  The idea of a shaded black and white portrait with sharp colors seems like a good idea.

10:11 pm- It's coming together quite nicely.  However I'm worried about the grin disappearing.  Once this layer dries up I'll have to go in and lightly pencil back in the smile.  It wouldn't make sense to have it diminish.  What kind of Joker isn't smiling?

I also realized that I'm very happy that I'm alone when I paint because I look like a crazy asshole.  I'm in dirty pajama pants, a raggy, big shirt, my hair is pulled back all crooked, I have my glasses on and paint all over my hands and a little on my face.  Actually, I look not only crazy, but kind of hilarious.  I should take a picture.  

12:04 - Finished.  Will post pictures later.  I feel as though it's a pretty satisfactory painting for not having made one in over three years, at least. 

[07 Sep 2009|08:57pm]
I really hope all of those commercials for the Humane Society do other stuff than make me cry, because they totally do that ALL THE TIME.

[06 Sep 2009|11:51pm]
I've been obsessed with listverse for about a week.  I can't stop reading it and it's been satiating my need for useless, but interesting, facts.

A busy weekend with lots of baseball.  I met the Wonder Girls today which was cool and was videotapes in line with other people for Korean television which marks one of several times I'll be on television in a foreign country (at this point, I really wonder how many times I've been on Samurai TV).  

This week is serious gym time!  I'm excited for it.  


[24 Aug 2009|02:45pm]
I check my e-mail this morning to find a notice about flight fares being on sale from Travelocity.  Me being excited at the thought of $118 round trip tickets, goes on to see what's available to New York City since I've been dying to go back.  Of the three dates that are on sale, only one has not been sold out.  That date happens to be September 11.  I have a feeling that date is going to stay open.

[23 Aug 2009|12:53am]
The house feels so empty.  I wish I had someone to keep me company tonight.

[21 Aug 2009|11:53pm]
Today I saw Inglourious Basterds and I must say, I don't know much about Omar Doom, but I think I want to marry him one day.  Only because I'd like to think how awesome it would be to have my last name legally be "Doom" without some sort of lame name change.

EDIT - I say this in hope that he has made his stage name his legal name of course.

[21 Aug 2009|09:44am]
I dyed my hair red last night because I felt like a change.  I'm feeling slightly gothy now with red hair and black fingernails.  Don't know what's going on with the weekend.  I do have a baseball game to go to on Saturday and would like to fit seeing "Inglourious Basterds" in there somewhere.  Other than that, who knows.  I'd like to go to the Greek Festival because homemade souvlaki, baklava and gyro = yum.  

[17 Aug 2009|10:49pm]
Tonight I was reminded of why I have never bothered to delete older entries or old journals.  They exist as such an interesting time capsule; an intimate existence to read and see who someone is at that moment in time listed.  The best part about reading old entries from someone else wondering what it would have been like if you were there through every bit of sadness talking to them to cheer them up, been one of the recipients of a post card they promised on their travels or were one of the people they discussed having happy memories with walking through the park in winter. 

I heard from my friend Dan for the first time in almost two years, I think.  It's amazing to think I've known him for almost a decade.  Like any good friend, despite the time in between speaking, we've picked up as if there was no time between us.  That's the luxury of a friendship, I guess.  

Next week I'm thinking of going out to the art museum again and grabbing some dinner at Schtick's.  Last time I sketched Van Gogh's Poplars.  I should pick a sculpture this time.

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